Radiator Repairs

/Radiator Repairs

Whilst radiators are pretty reliable, they can still experience issues. When left unchecked, these issues can result in damage leaving you with an expensive engine repair or replacement that far exceeds your initial radiator repairs cost. If you start experiencing problems, it’s best to get these checked quickly.

Warning signs suggesting that your radiator needs repair or replacement can include:

Engine overheating

Temperature gauge is always on hot

Coolant leaking from bottom of car when parked

Low coolant level indicator persists without obvious leaking

Australia’s climate conditions can also take its toll on vehicles. Without proper maintenance, corrosion, deterioration and cracking are common radiator problems that can occur.

If you come across any of these issues, then a radiator specialist from Everlast Automotive can run a full system check on your vehicle, identify the cause of your problem and give you advice on the best remedy.

If you’re planning on long distance driving, such as a driving holiday from Canberra to the Australian outback, book in for a coolant system check before you go to prevent a roadside breakdown.