Radiator Repairs and Replacement

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Planning A Trip ?

If you are planning to do some long distance driving (such as a holiday) or notice that your engine is running hotter than you think it should, then book in with Everlast Automotive for a cooling system check. Everlast Automotive have the knowledge and experience to quickly identify the cause of your temperature problem and advise the best remedy.

Do you just need a thorough clean-out and some good quality coolant ?

Everlast Automotive can flush your radiator and engine block to remove accumulated debris that may be reducing the effectiveness of your cooling system.

Have some parts worn out and now need replacing ?

Everlast Automotive will fit the rights parts for your vehicle and your driving conditions.

Does your hard working vehicle need extra cooling performance ?

Everlast Automotive can offer heavy duty options such as thicker core radiators and external oil coolers that will control your engine temperature when the going gets tough.

Everlast Automotive understand modern vehicles-.

which are complex machines, built using a variety of metal alloys that can corrode at an alarming rate if not properly maintained.

Aluminium radiators are particularly at risk and can be destroyed in a few weeks if subjected to “stray” electrical current.

Since the electrical current is invisible, the first sign of such a problem might be when a component completely fails putting the health of your engine and the safety of your family at risk.

Even a simple coolant top up can go wrong

Never mix different brands of coolant in your system as this can significantly reduce important properties like corrosion protection and boiling point.

If you do need to top up your coolant, use clean water (distilled is best) and arrange to have your vehicle checked by an Everlast Automotive specialist as soon as possible.

The low coolant level could indicate you have a more serious problem.

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