Radiator Flush

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Good radiator maintenance is about making sure airflow is unrestricted so that your engine can stay at a safe temperature with the right coolant for your vehicle. Engine coolant naturally breaks down over time and results in deposits that can clog up the pipes, hoses and radiator that make up your vehicle’s coolant system. This accumulated debris can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your cooling system.

Even a simple coolant top up can go wrong. Mixing different brands of coolant in your system can significantly reduce important properties like corrosion protection and boiling point. Many modern vehicles, especially high performance vehicles, even have sensors tuned to specific coolant solutions with special additives that are necessary for them to perform reliably.

Scheduling a coolant flush for your radiator and engine block according to the manufacturer’s requirements with a thorough clean-out and some good quality coolant can prolong the life your cooling system.

A radiator specialist at Everlast Automotive will make sure your cooling system is properly tested, serviced, flushed, and refilled with the right coolant for your vehicle.

If you need to top up your coolant, use clean water (distilled is best) and arrange to have your vehicle checked by an Everlast Automotive specialist as soon as possible.