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Do you have a vehicle that needs servicing?

At Everlast we put you and your vehicle first.

We are a full-service automotive service centre that handles all makes and models of vehicles.

Our commitment to you is excellent service, competitive prices, and unrivalled service work.

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Log Book & Fleet Services:

Minor Services
Intermediate Services
Major Services

As a part of any service mentioned above, your vehicle’s cooling will be pressure tested and all fluids topped up. Tyres rotated and pressures adjusted. Brakes checked, handbrake adjusted, and a complete mechanical & safety check will be carried out. Engine oil and oil filter will be replaced and vehicle will be road tested. Front seats vacuumed and tyres shined.

Pre-purchase Inspections

We offer pre-purchase inspections too!

Thinking of purchasing a vehicle? Let us check it out first to avoid purchasing a lemon.

This service provides you with a compressive report on the vehicle’s condition inside and out. This gives you pieces of mind knowing the state of the vehicle you may or may not purchase. The report can also be used as a tool for your negotiations. Contact us to find out more!


Mechanical Repairs & Upgrades

Brake Upgrades

Need more braking capacity? Everlast Automotive can upgrade your brakes with a vast range of options to suit you and your 4WD vehicle. Our PB Brake Upgrades come in a variety of colours and specifications. Call us today for more info

Suspension Upgrades

Everlast Automotive is excited to announce it is a Raw 4X4 Suspension Distributor & Installer!

Injector Servicing

Everlast Automotive clean & service injectors

Gearbox/Transmission Replacements

Having problems with your Gearbox / Transmission? No worries, Everlast Automotive can get you back on the road!


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Car Inspection

Computer Diagnostics

At Everlast Automotive, we use the latest, state of the art, diagnostic equipment to test your vehicle and uncover any auto electrical problems.

Car Repair Works

Safety Analysis

Rest assured that we care about your safety on the road as much as you. With every service, or at your request, a complete mechanical and safety check will be carried out.

Fuel System Service

Is your car using more fuel? Not as fuel efficient as you’d think? Want it to perform better? We can help!

Brake Repair Specialist

Can you hear scraping? Can you hear grinding? Does your vehicle shudder when you brake? We can help!

Exhaust System

Can you hear a rattle? Can you smell exhaust gasses? Want it to sound tougher? We can help!